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We undertake services for all categories of applicant under U.K. Immigration Law including:


Business Immigration
High-value migrants:

Global Talent

High Potential Individuals



Global Business Mobility - Five GBM categories:

[Senior or Specialist Worker; Graduate Trainee; Expansion Worker; Service Supplier; Secondment Worker]

Sole Representatives of Overseas Businesses (Media)

Entrepreneur extensions


Sponsor Licensing for Employers:

Skilled Workers licence

Expansion Workers (GBM)

Senior or Specialist Worker (GBM);

Graduate Trainee (GBM) 

Service Supplier (GBM) 

Secondment Worker (GBM)

T2 - Ministers of Religion

T2 - Sports People 

Sponsored workers

Educational Institutions:

Sponsorship for Universities, International Colleges and Independent Schools

Adult and Child Students

Short-term (English language)


T5 - Youth Mobility

T5 - Temporary Workers


Turkish Worker visa

EU Settled and Pre-settled status

EEA Family Members

Right to work advice for employers

Business and family visitors

Spouses & Children

Adult Dependent Relatives 

Refugees and Human Rights

Discretionary Applications 

Settlement (ILR)

British Citizenship 

Entry Clearance (Visa)

Leave to Remain (Extensions)


Administrative Reviews

Appeals to Immigration Tribunals

Judicial Reviews

Appeals against Civil Penalties for employing illegal workers

Bail Applications (Detainees)




If you have been refused under a category of Immigration Law, if you have a right to an Administrative Review or the decision attracts a right of  appeal to an Immigration Judge (e.g. on Asylum or Human Rights grounds) we can assist you with these procedures. As solicitors we can also make applications for Judicial Review engaging the most competent of specialist Immigration barristers. 



We can assist you with many other Immigration categories of applicant not listed here. These are all applications under the Immigration Rules, under Appendix EU provisions and under the Home Office's discretionary policies as well as applications which raise issues under the Human Rights legislation and asylum.

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