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Our Mission



Roelens Solicitors' aim is to provide quality legal advice relating to all aspects of U.K. Immigration Law. We are a private practice dedicated to providing a friendly service. We will always seek to provide the highest standards of client care.


We believe that the best way to ensure that our advice remains accurate, efficient and easy-to-absorb for our busy clients, is to ensure that we engage only the most competent, experienced and specialist staff, who are deeply committed to their clients and to their work and to maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards. 


Our fees are very competitive and transparent whilst offering a high quality service. We pass on our lower overheads to our clients in very attractive rates. We never forget that we succeed only with the loyalty and goodwill of our clients.



Specialist Immigration Law Services


We believe that the best way to offer a quality service to our clients is through specialisation. We therefore focus all our energy in the provision of Immigration Services. Our senior lawyer has well over 20 years experience in the field and we recruit only those with commitment towards Immigration Law.​

Why engage a solicitor?


Due to successive governments legislating in this area of the law in response to economic conditions as well as in order to pacify public opinion, immigration law has become one of the most complex areas of legal practice. 

We are frequently approached by individuals and employers who have attempted to make applications by themselves. Moreover, the immigration authorities appear to encourage this by suggesting that the procedures are 'straightforward'.

However, the law and procedures are complex and ever changing. Costly mistakes could be made due to innocent misunderstandings of the law and procedures or avoidable oversights.  

We would encourage all applicants to seek professional advice from the outset.  There are many 'hidden' pitfalls in the system and the application forms, which can easily be avoided with the correct advice. Don't hesitate to contact us for further information about how Roelens Solicitors can help you with UK Immigration Law and its related issues.

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