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Suspensions and Revocations of Sponsor Licenses

Whether you are an international college or other educational establishment or an employer who held a sponsor licence which has been downgraded, suspended or revoked we can help you resume your place back on the register.


Initially we will carry out a diagnostic visit and conduct an examination of your processes and documentations to identify the issues and will intervene by making representations to the relevant sections of the Home Office. Where they maintain their decision unreasonably we will assist and advice you to take Judicial review proceedings to seek the assistance of the court. Very often we may be able to negotiate resumption of your place on the register by way of consent or by order of the judge.


If you have had a Civil Penalty imposed against you as an employer for employing someone who has no right to undertake the particular job we can assist you to appeal or make representations to either require that this be reduced or removed where the circumstances justify the same or where you may have a statutory excuse.


If you are a Landlord facing a Civil Penalty for letting to a person who had no right to take up a residential tenancy we could help to challenge such decision.

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