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Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Through a so-called Bill of Rights to replace the Human Rights Act, the current government seeks to erode the human rights of everyone. This is on the premise that a handful of criminals may seek to remain in the UK since they have family here. It is flouting all principles of justice that we have worked hard for, for over decades. Being indignant that the Strasbourg Court halted an egregious violation of our international obligations demonstrates that we are seeking to appeal to populist sentiment.

The government is seeking to make itself gradually untouchable in a manner that is eerily reminiscent of regimes that makes one shudder. This fair and pleasant Kingdom is fast becoming unrecognizable and dis-United.

If lawyers defending human rights are annoying "lefty do-gooders" perhaps we should call out all this for where it is all leading to...

It is time for the stiff upper lip to quiver and speak out against this!

Are we to allow totalitarianism and autocracy to creep up on us?

Soon "lefty lawyers" will be looking over their shoulder when they step out of the house as they do in other parts of the world...Death threats against lawyers in the UK have already started:

See the commentaries on our firm's website on the importance of separation of power, the rule of law and protection of human rights:

See the Guardian article of 22.6.22:

Killing off human rights is not in the national interest. Sir Winston Churchill must be turning in his grave. Boris Johnson's grandfather "...the barrister, Sir James Fawcett, who dedicated his life to human rights – as a member of the European Commission for Human Rights for 20 years and its president for half that time. From that body, which became the European Convention on Human Rights, the British Parliament adopted the Human Rights Act in 1998..." would be turning in his.

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