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We seek to always keep our fees transparent and very competitive. Being easily accessible to the Centre of London through an excellent network of transport communications to Marble Arch/Egware Road and yet avoiding the high overhead costs of a City firm we are able to pass on to our clients highly competitive rates without compromising quality.

   ESTIMATES OR AGREED FEES?              
Our fees will vary according to the complexity of your case and certain other factors. We can either agree a fixed fee with you where it is possible to predict with some certainty how much time will be required to complete the work. Sometimes our clients prefer to have such certainty to enable them to budget. However, at times where this is difficult we may give an estimate for our fees based upon our hourly rates (described below). This may in fact work out better as we will only charge for the actual work undertaken in accordance with the time recording on the file.   
  AGREED FEES             

If you prefer to deal with us by way of an agreed fee we would agree a fee in writing with you. We would ask you for a proportion of our fee at the outset and the remainder either in instalments or as a lump sum before the submission of the application. Example ranges of agreed fees (subject to agreement and complexity): Start-ups and Innovators - £2000 to £3500; Global Talent - £2500 to £3500; 

Leave to remain - £1000 to £1750; Entry Clearance - £1500 to £3500; Appeals - £2500 to £3500; Administrative Reviews - £1750 to £2500

We can also work on the basis of an estimate and charge you for the amount of time spent in working on your file. We normally request fees in advance of undertaking the work and would request a sum on account at the outset. We will then request further fees in instalments as we keep working on your file. We can deliver an interim or final bill at an appropriate stage. We have a scaled hourly rate in accordance with the size of the organisation for businesses. We believe this is the fairest way to charge for our services as some smaller employers may not be able to afford a standard chargeable rate which would otherwise be applicable. Individuals should ask us for details of our concessionary individual rates.


Travel and waiting is charged at half the hourly rate. Disbursements (i.e. third party fees such as Home Office or visa fees, translators, interpreters, doctors) will be chargeable in addition to our own fees.

Please contact us for an estimate if you are an individual as we offer special rates for individuals and charitable organisations.
We can also offer an initial (or one-off) fixed fee diagnostic interview for £150 plus VAT of up to one hour of advice (plus the costs of an interpreter, if required) to enable a prospective client:
    * to identify and understand the legal issues   
    * to identify possible solutions and strategy   
    * to obtain a second opinion   
    * to obtain an estimate of costs and time scale to resolve your problem

Whilst we hope we never give you cause for complaint if you are ever dissatisfied with our services please do first get in touch with the person handiing your case. If you are unable to resolve it please do inform Nilmini Roelens the Principal Solicitor by email quoting your full name and file reference number providing any relevant dates. Nilmini Roelens will seek to resolve your concerns to your satisfaction. 

If you remain dissatisfied you are able to make a complaint to the Legal Ombudsman at:



Our Fees Structure

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